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Today's Best Country & Yesterday's Favorites!
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Paul's that weird guy who takes you home from school or work with his own brand of humor and charm. Yeah, that's what we'll call it.. charm!

Find out more about Paul by reading his official 97.5 The Hound bio below!

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Bio -All About Paul!



I'm that goofy looking, weird sounding dude you'll hear on your radio weekdays 3 till 8pm. Yes, I'm that weird and goofy in real life...


A little more about me.....


HOMETOWN: Colchester, CT

BIRTHDAY: November 19th

FAVORITE FOOD: I don't have a definite favorite.. I like all kinds of food. As ANY of my co workers here at "The Hound" can tell you, I'm ALWAYS hungry and NEVER seen without food! I love Pizza, Burgers, Chicken Fingers, Spaghetti, Hoagies, Soup......... the list goes on and on!


FAVORITE ARTISTS: I LOVE some of the classic artists... Tennessee Ernie Ford, Lee Greenwood & Glen Campbell. Their music was before my time, but I really appreciate it the effort and emotion in the music! This is why hosting "The Old Time Jukebox" weeknights at 6pm is one of my FAVORITE parts of my day!!

SOMETHING YOU’D BE SURPRISED TO KNOW ABOUT ME: While I am very funny, silly and "animated" while on the air, I am actually pretty quiet, laidback and even somewhat shy in social situations.


FAVORITE THINGS TO DO: Hanging out with my "hound", George D. Beagle. Other then that, I love relaxing with some "Peace and Quiet ME Time". I grew up in a fairly big, LOUD household as a kid and never had any privacy or quiet time then so I cherish it NOW!

FAVORITE PRO TEAMS: Hmm, get back to me on this one!

FAVORITE THING ABOUT HOUND COUNTRY: The people, the beauty of the area and of course.... THE FOOD!


IF I WASN’T IN RADIO I’D BE: I honestly don't know. I've been in radio 10 years and have never been able to answer the question "What else would I be doing if I never got into radio?". I figure since I love dealing with people, I'd be a Secretary or something.

IF YOU COULD HAVE DINNER WITH ANYONE, WHO WOULD IT BE? The FIRST person that came to mind.. BOB BARKER. He may not be the most monumental person in world history, but he's had one of the most successful daytime tv shows ever and having been in broadcasting for half a century,  he probably has so many stories about life, broadcasting and technology that would be a thrill to hear.


If someone were to ask me what time on the radio is all about, I'd probably tell them that my show is just an extension of who I am.  I am lucky enough to have 50,000 watts riding behind me to entertain people with every day.  The show is not just MY show, it's everyone's show.  I try to make it about the listener and involve them as much as I can.  I'll give you a little fact about a song, relate a personal experience or opinion to the song I just played, or maybe I'll mention something I saw on the news the night before.  My ultimate goal is to make my listener's day just a little brighter! Whether it's a laugh or smile, with my 4:Something Head-Scratcher or the 5:Something Funny or maybe your favorite song... I know my day is complete when I've made your day better!

What people hear on the air is exactly who I am.  YES, I AM THAT GOOFY, WEIRD & LOVE FOOD THAT MUCH IN REAL LIFE..Just ask JJ!!

I talk to my listeners, just like I would if we were sitting around the dinner table.  The show is an extension of me and my personality. Yes, sometimes I get a little silly or laugh at myself on the air.....but that's WHO I am!


I welcome your comments, questions or suggestions by email anytime to paul(at) I hope I can count on YOU as part of The Hound Country family during my time on the airwaves!!

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